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#EdublogsClub Prompt 2 My Office

Having an office or study is something that I find fairly crucial, as I tend to spread myself out, using the floor as a filing space. Not a good look if you have to work in your lounge and/or dining room. Thankfully my home has a study with a connecting entertainment space that I am about to take over.

If my workspace is cluttered and a mess, my mind is too and I find I have trouble starting a task. I don’t, however, work in an orderly fashion and find myself making a mess, then having to spend time cleaning up the mess. A great excuse for not having to do those corrections or write those reports but not a great process for getting things done. I do love to have a clear desk and kid myself that I have a good filing system until I have to find something. I used to work with someone whose desk was always chaotic, unlike myself who had folders and labels to tell me where everything was. Invariably though, I would not be able to find it and have to resort to my colleague who could put her hands on it immediately, so my theory of clutter doesn’t apply to everyone.

Having just retired one of my first tasks is to clear out my office and change the entertainment room into a craft/activities room. Over the years I have purchased many craft projects, such as quilts, beading, knitting, scrap booking to name just a few. Most of them remain unfinished so I am really looking forward to having time to complete them and having a space that I can feel creative and organised in. Of course, I will still need space for my computer and printer as I plan to do some writing too. To do this I have to discard all the non-essential papers and resources I have gathered over the years. I am at that stage of making a mess to create order. I think the key to order is having a set place for everything.

My dog, Luther is a little confused with the chaos but just supervises quietly.
I love talking and constantly talk to myself: verbally stepping through processes. Having a dog is good because then people think you are talking to your dog. I have a music system as I like to listen to music as I work. My new space also has a lot of sporting memorabilia from which I can draw inspiration. It also allows me to throw the doors wide open to let in fresh air and sunshine.

I’ve a fair way to go yet so better stop blogging and start clearing.

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“My Office”

  1. January 21st, 2017 at 10:04 pm       lwolters Says:

    Hi, Cath. I can totally relate to you and the way you use the floor and not working in an orderly fashion. Sounds like you have lots of creativity!

  2. January 23rd, 2017 at 5:02 am       Sue Waters Says:

    Hi Cath

    I’m not sure if you subscribed to follow up comments on my post? I cheated with my office photo. I used a photo I had taken previously when I had cleaned my desk. I dream of a clean desk — but I generally have stuff scattered across it.

    I used to do cross stitch, and some other crafts, but I’ve been fighting a battle with my husband over how many cross stiches should someone be allowed to hang on the wall (I’m currently losing).


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