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“Retiring” teachers


The 10 best things about retirement for a teacher (so far)

Are you a teacher thinking about retirement?

Teaching is a very rewarding career but it can be difficult to make the break. There is always something exciting happening in education, there are projects you have started and want to see through to the end, there are students who you have nurtured and would like to see graduate and of course there is that fear of not having that mental stimulation through the job and the interaction with your colleagues.

Though I am only in the infancy of my retirement the following outlines the list of the 10 things I think are really good about not having to work and 10 things about how to fill in your time.

  1. Make an appointment for anytime of the day. “Yes 10 a.m. would be just fine for that appointment. It gives me time to walk the dog, have a leisurely breakfast and get ready”. No longer do I have to fit my life around work, rather I can fit my work around life.
  2. Work when and if I like. I’m having six months off work but am keeping my eyes open for options. It’s my choice.
  3. Rest if I become unwell. I’ve lost count of how many times I have dragged myself into school even if I was sick, and/or continued to work from my sickbed. Lack of exposure to students’ running noses and sneezes will hopefully diminish colds and flu.
  4. Utilise my gym membership every day of the week. No longer do I have to waste that gym membership because I could only manage to go a couple of times a week as I was so tired. It’s not nearly as busy during the day so that is also a bonus.
  5. Travel at non-peak times. Yeh!!! Cheap airfares and accommodation. Where to next?
  6. Clear my mind. This means I’m not consumed every moment of the day about what I have to do at work or planning throughout those “many” holidays that teachers get.
  7. Focus on the things I’ve always wanted to do. A room full of craft items are waiting for me to complete them. I can feel those creative juices flowing. I’ve re-invented my office to a craft space.
  8. Nurture friendships. Many friends have suffered from my business over the years. The great thing is that some of them are approaching retirement too so we are now able to plan adventures too. It is important to me to remain a friend to the school. As I live close to the school I can attend important events if my diary permits. Technology also allows me to see what is happening at the school. It is my choice how much involvement I have with anyone.
  9. Do the housework and gardening on a week-day!! No longer are my weekends filled with housework and pulling weeds or thrown into chaos if I go away for a weekend.
  10. No more dressing for the job. The ritual of putting on make-up, blow drying hair and agonising over what clothes to put on that will keep me comfortable inside and out the classroom has gone.

So those were the good things about retirement but how am I going to fill in my time. My colleagues helped me create a “bucket” list.

10 things to do in my retirement

  1. Travel: I have a wish list of places I want to visit and I can now do this at non-peak times. Travel doesn’t have to be in foreign climes though; there are many local areas to visit. I plan to be a tourist in my own town.
  2. Volunteer or part-time work: There are many opportunities to volunteer. This could include programs in schools such as literacy, numeracy or mentoring. Exam supervision or CRT are paid options in schools. Other options I plan on exploring are: football clinics and migrant support programs. Nursing homes are always looking for assistance and male friends have told me attending Men’s Shed is great experience.
  3. Exercise: I am now using the gym how I always wanted to. I have a set time to go so that each of my mornings has a routine. Of course, there is a certain amount of flexibility in this. The beauty of this is that you get to know the people at the gym who support you in the achievement of your goals.
  4. Create: I have enthusiastically gathered a whole lot of creative projects over the years: a quilt set (although I can barely sew), card making, scrap booking, quilling. These are all waiting for me in my re-organised craft room. I also have a great desire to write, particularly historical narratives. Look out for my first best seller!
  5. Relax: This is retirement after all so I plan to take the time to smell the roses, both literally and metaphorically. I have been told that you cannot kill roses but I’ve achieved this a number of times. I love gardens so I plan to give my roses the time they require. It is about balance. One of the things worrying me about retirement was that I would just sit there and do “nothing”. This is not the case.
  6. Online activities: There are many online activities to become involved in. I have already joined a scrapbooking and sewing club online. As well as participating in an edublogs challenge.
  7. Community groups: There are many community groups to become involved in. These include: reading, sporting, cultural. I have opted for a walking club because it provides me with exercise and engages me with other people of a similar age in my community. The other beauty of this group is that I actually get to travel (monthly events) to other areas to walk.
  8. Learn: There are so many things to learn, be it related to education or personal interest. Local councils often provide cheap or free workshops or seminars. The Victorian Institute of Teaching provides lists of accredited professional learning.
  9. Family: Families of teachers can be the first to suffer from the workload of teachers. I plan to see, support and enjoy my family during my retirement. They are the ones that matter most and you never know when they may be taken from you.
  10. Sleep: When I was teaching I averaged about 6 hours sleep. I thought this was enough and would continue after I retired. It hasn’t I am now sleeping about eight hours (if the dog lets me). I am feeling much better for it.

Life is short! If you decide to retire, cherish the contribution you have made to teaching but move on and make the most of your new extra time. “Life is precious”.

Please feel free to add any other ideas.

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““Retiring” teachers”

  1. March 10th, 2017 at 3:58 pm       Lisa Suhr Says:

    Congrats on retirement! I have a few years to go yet, but your list makes me dream of the day! Thanks for sharing!

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